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Whenever I check my emails and see I've got a random burst of new tumblr followers, I just think 'oh crap, what's gone unintentionally viral now?'  

Sherlock series 3

So, I'm guessing this will be my last post before, in 3 days time, The Empty Hearse will air on the BBC. So, as this will be my last post before Sherlock Series 3 starts airing, I'd just like to make a list of, in addition to the plot development that we know to expect in this series, the little, extra things that I hope to see in series 3:

  • More information about Sherlock's background and childhood

  • Further friendship development between Molly and Sherlock

  • Some sort of hug between Sherlock and John

  • Sherlock and John on John's stags-do

  • Some more background information about Molly and Mrs Hudson

  • Grudging friendship between Sherlock and Anderson

  • A conclusion that will NOT traumatise us until the airing of the following series - but I know that's never going to happen :'>

Anyone got any series 3 wishes of their own? I'd love to hear them.

Edit: I actually got all of these granted. Wow, I can't believe that :)!

Shingeki no Kyojin OAD: 'Ilse's Notebook' mini-review

I really enjoyed this OAD. When you've had a break from SnK you really forget how exciting this anime is. So it's great to once again be plunged back in to the action.

For those who haven't seen this yet (or read the omake it's based on) this OAD documents the events recorded in the field diary written in the final days of a young survey corp member. Like the anime, additional scenes and extra bits of plot pad out this rather brief little story, expanding and building on the original manga, rather than altering it or taking liberties. There were a lot of nice extra touches in this OAD, such as the body in the tree, and Hanji returning Ilse's uniform and diary to her parents at the end, which gives her story a nice sense of closure. I have to admit though, until watching this, I'd never realised Ilse was a girl :x. I'd always thought she was a boy. 

Sherlock series 3 - Interesting points we have learnt in the last week

  • 'The Empty Hearse' will premiere in a public screening at the National Film Theatre on the 21st of December.

  • A first synopsis has been given: 'Two years after the devastating events of ‘The Reichenbach Fall’, John appears to have got on with his life. New horizons and romance beckon. But, with London under threat of a devastating terrorist attack, Sherlock is about to take John at his word, staging his resurrection with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. If Sherlock thinks that everything will be just as he left it, though, he's in for a very big surprise...'

  • Benedict Cumberbatch's mother will appear in episode 3.

So Sherlock really has been gone for two years.


I've just read Asagao to Kase-san

Oh my god, this manga is adorable!


The manga follows the budding relationship between a champion track team runner and a shy member of a school gardening club. It's a lovely little manga that really gives you the warm fuzzies without becoming overly gooey or sickly sweet. At just a volume long, it's really worth checking out, and a must read for fans of romance and the shoujo-ai genre!